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At Black Stump Broadheads, we sell direct to bow hunters as well as to dealers. There is no minimum order, and you do not need to order in set multiples.

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Black Stump Broadheads

Black Stump broadheads are available in 3 models - the 110 grain Ironbark; the 120 grain Bushmaster "vented" and the 130 grain Bushmaster "solid".

Black Stump broadheads are designed for optimum penetration, strength and reliability. They sport a double metal thickness cutting tip for bone splitting reliability and have a 11/32" 5o taper in order to suit standard adaptors on the market (the Ironbarks have a 5/16" 5o taper). Constructed from high carbon steel and heat treated to a genuine 48-50Hrc (Rockwell hardness C-scale), Black Stump broadheads can be

LEFT: Our range of broadheads from left:110g Ironbark; The 120g Bushmaster vented and the 130g Bushmaster solid. (click the photo)

Right: The 110grain Ironbark: Designed for ultimate strength and is the "bull terrier" of the Black Stump range. It's short length from the shoulder to the tip, together with it's wide cutting blade is the ultimate broadhead for feral game. This broadhead can be used for game ranging from foxes to buffalo with a well weighted arrow. (click the photo)

Left: The 120 grain Bushmaster "Vented": Considered to be the flagship of the Black Stump range. It's aerodynamic design, coupled with a wide cutting blade and full length adaptor housing, has become very popular with many deer hunters, both throughout Australia and overseas. It is also suitable for all heavy boned, large, feral game. (click the photo)

Right: The 130grain Bushmaster Solids: These guys are the "big brother" in the range of Black Stump Broadheads. This broadhead is very popular with bow hunters chasing feral boars in the Cape York Peninsula area. It's ultimate design of strength and reliability is second to none. Many bow hunters have proven it's retrievable value with many pass throughs on heavily bodied game, therefore resulting in cleaner, one arrow kills. (click the photo)

Left: KME Broadhead Sharpener:


We are the sole Australian distributor of the KME Broadhead Sharpener.

Features of the KME Broadhead Sharpener are:

Revolutionary free-Spinning Clamp Assembly: Automatically rotates to perfectly align the edge of the bladewith the surface of the sharpening stone every time.

The only broadhead sharpener with two pairs of interchangeable jaws: One set for sharpening conventional two blade broadheads, and one set for sharpening replacement blades, bleeder blades and mechanical blades.

Removable Clamp Assembly: The clamp assembly snaps in and out of the frame. Remove to clamp or release a blade, or to change the jaws. Changing jaws Is quick, easy and requires no tools: Just snap the clamp assembly out of the frame, loosen the clamp nut, and the jaws will fall out. Pop the other set of jaws in, and finger tighten the nut. Done.


We offer Zwickey aluminium adaptors as we find they are consistently a good fit for our broadheads. The 5/16" adaptors suit the Ironbarks and weigh approximately 28 grains. The 11/32" adaptors suit the Bushmasters and weigh approximately 36 grains.


2 Blade Productions brings the best of Aussie bow hunting to life in Hogs of Oz 1 and 2 and Feral Game 1 and 2. These DVDs are so popular that premier Australian bow hunter, Brad Smith, has compiled a sequel for each of his original DVDs.

Hogs of Oz takes the viewer to 3 different Australian locations from the NSW ranges to Cape York. Get an over-the-shoulder view of some of the methods and ways of successfully finding and closing the gap on Australia's feral pigs.

Hogs of Oz 2 extends the Eastern Australian bow hunting experience to include additional high quality footage and tips, offering the viewer an opportunity to add to their bow hunting knowledge.

Feral Game features a variety of hunts on a number of introduced animals including foxes, buffalo, bulls, goats and pigs. As is typical of Brad Smith's presentations, you will get an action-packed over-the-shoulder insight into how to make your own hunts more successful as Brad and his fellow bow hunters share their tips and tricks with you.

Feral Game 2 extends the feral game bowhunting experience and offers rarely recorded segments on bow set-up, broadhead sharpening and shot placement in this 2 DVD package. Brad's easy-to-follow teaching style will help you to make the best out of your equipment.

Edge of the Divide/Hooked on Bowhunting are 2 Blade Productions' first two hunting videos released back in the 90's, now re-released on the one DVD. They contain 110 minutes of footage containing hunts on Red deer in the Brisbane Valley, South African Plains Game and trips to Cape York plus rabbits, foxes, goats, pigs, fallow, dingo and scrub bulls all taken on film.

Deer Addiction: Witness the sights and sounds that draw thousands of hunters into the Aussie bush year after year. You will witness the aggressive nature of Fallow bucks and Red stags during their March/April rut. See plenty of Rusa stags search and move in with their hinds in June and look over plenty of Chital along the basalt wall near Charters Towers in Queensland. Get an over the shoulder view where you can watch and learn some of the habits of these four species of deer. Over a dozen deer are taken on film for the table and wall.

Our Prices

Black Stump Broadheads come in the following weights. They can be purchased as glue in, screw in or sharpened. Same price for all. Bushmaster solid(130g), Bushmaster vented (120g), Ironbark (110g),Vented Ironbark (100g). Bushranger solid (180g ) Bushranger vented (160g) Cape Yorker vented (125g WIDER CUTTING EDGE), Cape Yorker solid (141g).

Same price for all broadheads.

Available NOW - SPIN FX (75g) weights without adaptors. It is recommended that a chisel or tanto tip be applied

Broadheads (Retail)

Prices Inc. GST (in AUD)

  Glue in Screw in (with aluminium adaptor) Sharpened (with aluminium adaptor)

Per Broadhead

$6.60 each

$8.25 each

 $10.00 each

Packet of 6 Broadheads    

$39.00 per pack

$49.50 per pack

$60.00 per Pack

Other Products (Retail)

Prices Inc GST (in AUD)

Full Point adaptors - aluminium (5/16" - 11/32")

$1.50 each

Full Point 1 piece aluminium adaptors

$1.50 each

Full Point field points - brass varying wts

$1.80 each

Full point adaptors - brass (5/16" - 11/32")

$1.80 each or $1.85 fitted and spin tested

Flight Mates FMJ’s and 6.5ID shafts (for 11/32")

$1.80 each

Brad Smith DVD

$40.00 and $60 for Feral Game 2

T shirts - Logo - Cartoon

Logo $15.00 - Cartoon $20.00

Coolers - Logo - Cartoon

Logo $6.00 - Cartoon $8.00

Bumper Stickers

$5.00 each

Key Tags

$5.00 each

Jacky How Singlet

$22.00 each

Black Stump Bag

$3.00 each

Wooden Trophy Boards

Small - $50.00 each
Medium - $75.00 each
Large - $150.00 each


How to order:

All retail orders must be paid for before they leave our workshop, and are sent according to the order that they were paid for. Sometimes we experience backlogs of up to 6 weeks, so please order early to avoid disappointment. The best way to order is to contact us with your payment please let us know exactly what you require, your address and phone number/email address, and any deadlines you would like us to consider. Please note that we deliver via registered post.

Cheques and Australia Post Money Orders:

We accept cheques and money orders made out to Black Stump Broadheads. If you are sending a personal cheque, we will need to clear your cheque prior to posting your order: this usually takes 5 working days. If you are intending to send a non-Australian cheque, please contact us first for a quote on the exchange rate, postage and conversion fee.

Credit cards :

We accept Visa; Mastercard and Union Pay.


Electronic funds transfer is available on request to Australian customers.


We are able to accept Paypal for both overseas and local purchases.

Cash sales:

Cash sales are available at Kurrimine Beach only, or when we attend archery gatherings.