At Black Stump, we work hard to deliver broadheads that are strong, reliable and durable.  

Over a decade has passed since the previous owners developed and tested 3 broadhead models that are still among the most robust 2 blade broadheads in the world. Being bowhunters themselves, John Horsch and Steve Carruthers understood the need for developing products that were "user friendly" in the field and could be relied upon for that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

As the new owners and fellow Australian bowhunters, we continue that tradition and philosophy. We demand all parties involved in producing Black Stump broadheads uphold the broadheads' reputation. The result is a handcrafted broadhead that has passed though stringent quality controls, with only the best produced being available for sale. Our customers appreciate that, with a little care, Black Stump offers a "per use" cost that is hard to beat!

Black Stump broadheads are designed for optimum penetration, strength and reliability. They sport a double metal thickness cutting tip for bone splitting reliability and have a 11/32" 5o taper in order to suit standard adaptors on the market (the Ironbarks have a 5/16" 5o taper). Constructed from high carbon steel and heat treated to a genuine 48-50Hrc (Rockwell hardness C-scale), Black Stump broadheads can be brought to a shaving edge quickly and easily with a mill-file and steel. Check out the Black Stump range on our catalogue page.

Contact us for all your broadhead supplies as well as bowhunter supplies. We also offer a scrimshaw artistry service. Check out our scrimshaw photo album.

Hunt safe and good luck in the bush....!!!!

Albert and Cate Agale